अस्थायी प्रदर्शनी के उद्घाटन के लिए आमंत्रण  The Wonderful World of Crystallography  और पढ़ें>>
 नवप्रवर्तन हब कार्यशाला  6 वीं से 10 वीं कक्षा तक के छात्रों के लिए उपयुक्त ।  और पढ़ें>>
 साइंस स्पार्कल्स - छुट्टी की गतिविधि  3 री से 5 वीं कक्षा तक के छात्रों के लिए उपयुक्त ।  और पढ़ें>>
 वेकेशन क्रिएटिव साइंस वर्कशॉप  20 अप्रैल से लेकर 5 जून 2017 तक विभिन्न बैचों में  और पढ़ें>>
 केंद्र का समय  विज्ञान केन्द्र का समय  और पढ़ें>>
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Regular shows: 11.30am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 4.00pm

Ticket Rates:-
General Visitors : Rs. 25/- per head
Group Visitors (25 & above) : Rs. 20/- per head
Organised School/College Groups : Rs. 20/- per head (with a letter from the Principal)

The Science On a Sphere provides real time atmospheric and climatic data that is projected on the 1.8 metre Spherical Earth globe. The giant animated sphere appears to be floating in mid-air, and even rotating on its axis. You can see oceans & continents in their actual colours (just as our planet appears from outer space), Tropical rain forests, Currents of the oceans in motion, Moon, Jupiter and Mars. This amazing, cutting-edge technology, the Science on a Sphere (SOS), was invented by NOAA as an excellent visualisation educational research tool to educate the audience on earth and space systems in a three-dimensional format. This technology is now available worldwide for science centres, museums, educational institutes etc.