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Membership Objective  
Furtherance of scientific temper through hands-on educational and science communication activities of the Centre.
Science Centre offers membership to students, teachers, senior citizens, individual adults, families, institutions and Corporate Houses. Members enjoy several benefits which include free unlimited entry to the Science Centre, access to library, preferential & concessional admission in activities. Quarterly news letter `SCI-MAIL' full of information & activities. Invitations to special lectures & programmes of the centre is added benefit.
Contact Ms Manju Yadav - 24932667(Ext.312)/Education Officers(Ext.576) for more details.

5 years and above (Indian citizens only)

Download Membership form & Information

Annual Membership Fee
Particulars Yearly Renewal Decade
Student Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00 -
Teacher Rs.200.00 Rs.100.00 -
Senior Citizen Rs.200.00 Rs.100.00 -
Individual adult Rs.300.00 Rs.200.00 -
Family of four Rs.600.00 Rs.500.00 -
Institution Rs.3000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.25,000.00
Corporate Houses Rs.10,000.00 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.75,000.00