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 RESULT - Office Assistant -Grade-III- UR  14-2-2019  और पढ़ें>>
 राष्ट्रीय उत्पादकता सप्ताह समारोह  12 से 18 फरवरी 2019  और पढ़ें>>
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 परिणाम - वार्षिक विज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 2018-2019 - मराठी माध्यम  2018-2019  और पढ़ें>>
 परिणाम - वार्षिक विज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 2018-2019 - अंग्रेजी माध्यम  2018-2019  और पढ़ें>>
 मस्तिष्क जागरूकता सप्ताह समारोह 2019  मस्तिष्क जागरूकता सप्ताह समारोह 2019  और पढ़ें>>
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 आउटब्रेक - कनेक्टेड वर्ल्ड की महामारी  5-12-2018 को प्रदर्शनी का उद्घाटन किया गया  और पढ़ें>>
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हाल के घटनाक्रम - मई 2018

In May 2018 many more events & workshops were organised at Nehru Science Centre

Mango Festival
Mango Festival was organised at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai during 2.05.2018 – 8.05.2018 in collaboration with Kokan Bhumi Pratisthan. The festival was inaugurated on 2.05.2018 by Shri Madhav Bhandari, Vice President, Rehabilitation Authority, Maharashtra State in presence of Shri Arun Bongirwar, Ex-Principal Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra. There were 35 different mango species on display for the visitors. Large number of visitors visited the exhibition and witnessed the different varieties of mangoes.

National Technology Day Celebration
National Technology Day was celebrated at the Centre during 9.05.2018 – 11.05.2018 by organising following events :

1. Inauguration of the exhibition “Machined to Think”
As part of the National Technology day commemoration, a new exhibition “Machined to Think”, which provides a bird’s eye view into the technologies that are destined to usher in what is now hailed as the "fourth industrial revolution” also popularly known as I4.0, was inaugurated on 9.05.2018 by Padma Vibhushan Awardee, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, Govt. of Maharashtra and President, the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), Allahabad. About 260 visitors attended the inaugural programme.

2.  Inauguration of ‘Making of Underground Metro Line III’s exhibition
Mumbai Metro is yet another technological marvel that is destined to change the commutation of Mumbaikars. To commemorate the National Technology Day, NSCM in collaboration with MMRC, Mumbai, put up an exhibition on “Making of Underground Metro Line –III”. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Ashwini Bhide, MD, MMRC, Mumbai on 11.05.2018. The exhibition contains 11 panels and scale down models of Science Museum Station and Tunnel boring Machines (TBM). The exhibition high lights Underground Metro Stations, ongoing tunnelling work, TBM Mapping, Environmental measures during construction, etc.
After the formal inauguration of the exhibition, a popular talk on Mumbai Metro Line 3, connecting the unconnected was also delivered by Ms. Ashwini Bhide. A short film on Mumbai Metro Line 3 was also screen on the occasion. About 350 visitors attended the programmes.

3. Display of historically significant original Science & Technology antiquity objects
On the occasion of National Technology Day, the Centre also displayed historically significant original Science & Technology antiquity objects for three days from 11.05.2018 to 13.05.2018 which were featured in the recently concluded “Illuminating India: 5000 Years of Science and Innovation” exhibition at Science Museum, London which was one of the major event under the India –UK Year of Culture. These objects after coming back from the exhibition at London were displayed at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai for the first time and formally opened for the public by Ms. Ashwini Bhide, MD, MMRC, Mumbai on 11.05.2018. The objects include the great Lambton’s Theodolite, the Compound Lever, Sir C V Raman’s spectroscope, J C Bose’s Crescograph and Phytograph. These objects are from the collections of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, Sir J C Bose Trust, Kolkata and Survey of India, Dehradun. 90 visitors including media persons attended the inaugural function and visited the S &T antiquity objects.

Vacation Creative Science Workshops
During the month, 3 batches of vacation creative science workshops were organised from  7.05.2018 to 11.05.2018, 14.05.2018 to 18.05.2018 and 21.05.2018 to 25.05.2018 in the disciplines of Art & Craft, Model Rocketry, Science toys making, Chemistry & Biology, Aeromodelling, Computers & Multimedia, Mathematics toys making and Astronomy.

Workshop on Arts & Craft: In 3 batches of Art & Craft 34 students participated and completed 12 projects (4 projects per batch per students).

Workshop on Chemistry & Biology: In 3 batches of Chemistry & Biology, 63 students participated and completed 36 experimental projects(12 projects per batch per students).

Workshop on Science Toys making: In 2 batches of Science Toys making workshops,  41 students participated and made 12 science toys( 6 toys per batch per students)

Workshop on Computer and Multimedia:
Computer and Multimedia workshop was organized at the Centre during 7.05.2018 – 11.05.2018. 20 students participated and developed 18 software projects based on flash animation and PowerPoint. Students were also given exposure to fundamentals of computers, MS Word and Excel, Multimedia, Internet, Web browsing etc.

Workshop on Aeromodelling:
3 batches of Aeromodelling workshops were conducted at the Centre for the students of Std. 8th to 10th during 7.05.2018 – 11.05.2018, 14.05.2018 – 18.05.2018 and 21.05.2018 – 25.05.2018 respectively. In all 67 students took part in the workshops and made 08 different models of papers, cardboards and thermocole gliders by the students in each batch.

Workshop on Model Rocketry:
3 batches of Model Rocketry workshops were organized at Centre during 7.05.2018 – 11.05.2018, 14.05.2018 – 18.05.2018 and 21.05.2018 – 25.05.2018 respectively.  In all 91 students participated and completed 5 different types of rocket models in each batch and also launched them.

Workshop on Astronomy:
Astronomy workshop was held at the Centre for the students of Std. 8th to 10th during 21.05.2018 – 25.05.2018 in which 27 students participated. 7 projects were made by each student in the workshop. The participants were also given the exposure of Science On a Sphere show on Astronomy.

Mathematics Toys making workshop:  
For the very first time Mathematics Toys making workshop was organised at the Centre from 21.05.2018 to 25.05.2018 in which 22 students participated. During the workshop 6 mathematics toys such as flextangle/Moving triangle, Brahma’s Tower, Infinity Cube, Ramanujan’s magic Square, Tangram and Treasure of Measures were made by each student.

Workshop on Film making:
Workshop on Film making using smart phones was organised from 7.05.2018 to 11.05.2018. During the workshop, the students were shown interesting films from around the world that were made and widely viewed on a cell phone. They were introduced to the genres of Fiction and Nonfiction films. Students shot footage on their cell phones and were taught to use the editing software on their phones to create small video clips. This was followed by brainstormed on themes for a film. Students shared ideas for a film based on fiction like, school life or a day where students play different pranks on their friends, teachers etc., or science fiction based film. The final theme agreed upon was a bunch of friends outsmarting/tricking two kidnappers who kidnap one of their friends in order to rescue him. The students established a rough scrip t, formed a team of Scrip t Writers, Directors, Casting of actors for roles, camera persons and production assistants. They broke down the rough scrip t into scenes with dialogues and explored film shooting locations on NSC site. The students shot this fictional clip and learnt the basics of editing. The workshop was conducted by the resource persons from Pomegranate Edu-workshops. 16 students participated in the workshop.

Workshop on Creative Writing:
Workshop on Creative Writing was organised at the Centre from 14.05.2018 to 18.05.2018. 19 children, of the age group of 8-14 years participated and explored different genres of stories and writing over a period of five days. The workshop began with the oldest form of storytelling, myths; participants discovered creative myths and looked at different creatures that feature in myths. They worked in pairs to come with their own myth. This was followed by exploring another genre that we encounter early in life; fairy tales. They came up with more daring characters, alternate endings and had characters visiting from other fairy tales. The participants worked with Sci-Fi and Quest genres over the next two days. They worked on creating memorable characters, worlds, thinking about aliens and space exploration. The workshop ended with a session on poetry. They learned how to translate their ideas into words in the most concise way in the form of a Haiku.

Origami Workshops (21st – 23rd & 24th - 26th May, 2018):
2 batches of Origami workshops were organised at the Centre during the month from 21.05.2018 to 26.05.2018 in which 24 students participated and learnt the basis of Origami – the arts and  techniques of paper folding and made different types of paper models like paper caps, birds etc.

Workshop on Microbiology:
A workshop on Microbiology was conducted for the 20 students of vacation creative science workshop during 23.05.2018 – 25.05.2018. The workshop was conducted by the resource persons from Concepts Unlimited. Workshop started with the stories about the invention & inventor of the microscope and about the other pioneers in the field. Later the students understood the different parts and working of a compound microscope.  Students then learnt how to prepare sterile environment, how to handle lab equipment. Student carried out an experiment by taking four samples of Air from different places of the Centre by exposing them for 20 minutes. These samples were kept overnight and microbe colonies were allowed to grow and compared the growth of the microbe colonies. Another experiment done with students was taking sample from the skin (Thumb) before and after washing their hands. The results showed the distinct difference. Students also experimented with sample of their own sputum and were shown the presence of microorganisms in the sputum. Students also learnt about the useful bacteria while experimenting with milk, different types of cheese, water sample in which urad dal was soaked for 4-5 hours.

Science Sparkle Workshop:
As part of Vacation Creative Science Workshop, 2 batches of Science Sparkle Workshops for young students of std. 3rd to 5th was organized at the Centre during  3.05.2018 – 5.05.2018 and 28.05.2018 – 30.05.2018. The students were exposed to various fun filled hands-on activities and projects made with straws, papers,  styrofoam cups, rubber bands, nature box etc. In all 110 students participated in the workshops and completed 11 projects in each batch by each students.

Junior Robotics Workshops:  
4 batches of Robotics Workshops for the Jr. Group students were organized at the Centre during 15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018, 18.05.2018 - 20.05.2018, 27.05.2018 – 29.05.2018 and 30.05.2018 – 1.06.2018 respectively. In all 83 students participated in the workshops and developed 3 different tasked projects in each batch.

Senior Robotics Workshops:
2 batches of Robotics Workshops for the Senior Group students were organized at the Centre during 21.05.2018 – 23.05.2018 and 24.05.2018 – 26.05.2018 respectively. In all 42 students participated in the workshops and developed 3 different tasked projects in each batch.

Participation in the Coding workshop:
Members of innovation hub and students from vacation Creative Science Workshops participated in the coding workshop on sonic pi held at Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai on 12.05.2018.  Students learnt how to compose music using digital coding.  They also visited the gallery on open codes-Digital Culture.  45 students participated in the workshop.
On 17.05.2018 visit of 2nd batch students of vacation creative science workshop was organised to the gallery on open codes-Digital Culture.  93 students visited the exhibition.
75 Students of 2nd batch of vacation workshop were taken to Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai on 19.05.2018 to participate in the workshops on Digital Embroidery. Students learnt to create and embroider patterns of their choice using computer codes and mathematics. They printed the patterns using digital embroidery machine. 2 coding workshops were conducted.

Zero Shadow Day:
‎The Centre organized a special astronomy based programme to witness the Zero Shadow for the astronomy lovers. This enjoyful game of shadow was organised on 15.05.2018. 45 students, parents and general public enjoyed the game of shadow.

Outreach programme at Nehru Planetarium:
The Centre actively participated in an outreach programme organised at Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai on 16.05.2018 by conducting 3 science shows on Fun with liquid Nitrogen, Fun science. In all 200 students and general visitors attended the shows.

International Museum Day:
International Museum Day was celebrated at the Centre during 18.05.2018 – 20.05.2018 by organising an exhibition on My Own Collection. The exhibition was formally inaugurated by Ms. Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Managing Trusty and Honorary Director, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum (BDL), Mumbai. In the exhibition there was a wide ranging collections from the numismatics to paintings to currencies, philately handmade greeting cards, cotton sculptures, tour memorabilia’s maps etc. were on display for the visitors. The aim of the exhibition was to create awareness on the importance of the collections and preservation of art and cultural objects of historical value. This will help in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage and creating interest in the audience on the importance of museums and their collections and old artefacts, sculptures, objects, history etc. In all 46 individual connoisseurs participated in the exhibition.

World No Tobacco Day Celebration:
To create the awareness among the people about the ill effects of Tobacco, World No Tobacco Day was celebrated at the Centre on the theme “Tobacco and Heart Disease” by organising 3 shows of the street play containing messages on ill effects of the Tobacco for the students and general public. In all about 575 visitors watched the street plays.