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विज्ञान उत्सव

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Nehru Science Centre organized Science Festival – 2014 at the Centre from February 5-9, 2014. It was basically a science education fair for people of all ages. It provided an opportunity to experience and learn science through variety of science experiments, workshops, toys and other learning materials. At the fair people were able to take part in Science and Technology based activities. The main feature of the festival was a wide variety of hands–on activities by various leading and renowned organizations.

The fair was inaugurated by Shri Arvind Paranjpye, Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai on 5th February 2014 and remained open to all from February 5-9, 2014 from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. every day

The participating agencies were C-Sky Telescopes, Badlapur, Eklavya, Bhopal, Grey Sim Ltd., Mumbai, Junior Scientist, Bhavnagar, KUtuhal, Mumbai, Perfect Magnets, Mumbai, National Book Trust, Mumbai, Technovision, Mumbai, Techshiksha, Mumbai, Thirdwave Scientific Instruments, Pune.

In addition to the above exhibition there were workshops on Origami, Making water rockets and Toys from Trash during the above period.