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 Science Film Festival  From 16th August 2017 to 29th September 2017  Read More>>
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Package Tour for schools


Guided tour to the galleries : Duration - 1 Hour
Science Odyssey : Duration- 40 minutes. Projection on a dome shaped screen with fish-eye lens projector to give immersive experience.
3 D Science show : Duration- 15 minutes. Have a thrilling experience.


One of the following as available :
- Science Show :
Duration- 30 min. Includes fun filled exciting interactive demonstrations
- Spark Theatre : Duration- 20 min. Have hair raising experience & enjoy many other exciting static electricity demonstrations with Van de Graaff generator having a 75 cm dome.
- I am a Mother : Duration- 20 min. Learn about human anatomy as the different internal organs in a life size transparent glass model of a human body light up. Synchronised commentary supported with animations explain the functions of these organs.
- Science Film Show : Duration- 30 min. Latest DVDs/VCDs on various scientific topics.

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