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Hon.  Prime Minister of India has called for planting at least five trees either in Office campus or wherever it is possible, to ensure clean and healthy environment of the country. We have also seen the importance of clean and healthy environment during this Pandemic and we are proud of our Herbal Wealth which has enabled us  to sail through safely in the period of Pandemic. 

          Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Minister of State, Culture and Tourism (Independent charge) has called for successful organizing of “Sankalp Parva” and plant trees as desired by our Hon. Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Culture has decided to celebrate Sankalp Parva from 28th June to 12 July 2020, where Ministry expects all its Subordinate Offices, Academies, Attached Institutions, Affiliated Institutions to plant trees in its campus or at the surroundings wherever it is possible.

The Ministry of Culture recommends to plants five trees which have been identified by our Hon. Prime Minister and which represent the herbal heritage of our country.  These trees are (i) “Bargad” (ii) “Awla” (iii) “Pepal”  (iv) “Ashok” (v) “Bel”.

The organizations must ensure that each employee should plant atleast one tree of his/her choice and over and above these five trees which should be planted as per the call of our Hon. Prime Minister.

The Institutions must also ensure that the employee take care of plant planted by them during the year so that it survives and  flourish .

           We must  join hands in support of the call given by our Culture Minister to create healthy environment and flourishing “Bharat”.