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Sci-Birthday celebration

An opportunity to celebrate your kids birthday at Nehru Science Centre in an innovative way!
Participate in the shows and scientific activities and have full-on edutainment.
The contents can be customized as per the age group, if possible.
The package rates are:
up to 25 people (children & adults included) - Rs. 6000/-
up to 50 people (children & adults included) - Rs 10,000/-
up to 100 people (children & adults included) - Rs 18,000/-
For further details contact Education Officer on 022-24932667 Ext. 217, 219 from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Click to download Application Form for celebration of Sci-Birthday


Sci-Birthday2-Photo2.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo3.jpg
Sci-Birthday2-Photo4.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo5.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo6.jpg

Sci-Birthday2-Photo7.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo8.jpg
Sci-Birthday2-Photo9.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo10.jpg Sci-Birthday2-Photo11.jpg