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New Facility -Sparkling High Voltage Demonstration


Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai has set up the first of its kind of High Voltage Demonstration facility in any Science Centre in India, titled ‘SPARKLING HIGH VOLTAGE DEMONSTRATION’ which is now opened for the visitors.

This new facility offers some impressive demonstrations with a 200kV AC transformer, spectacular display of sparks & sounds with a Large TESLA Coil producing upto 1.50 million-volts and many more supporting equipments like Lichtenberg Tree Formation set-up, Jacob’s Ladder, Arcing Horns, etc. wherein visitors can see disruptive discharges through air, sliding discharges over a glass plate, the demonstration with Faraday cage, artificially generated lightning, etc.


HighVoltage3.jpg HighVoltage4.jpg
HighVoltage5.jpg HighVoltage6.jpg
HighVoltage7.jpg HighVoltage8.jpg
HighVoltage9.jpg HighVoltage10.jpg