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Science Park
Science Park
Giant Lever
Giant Lever
Perspective House1
Perspective House
Praying Mantis
Science Park
Science Park
Perceiving Depth
Science Park
Cone runs uphill
Science Park
Science Park
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Children Science Park

About 50 exhibits adorn the spacious science park. Here students can explore and learn many scientific principles by playing with swings, pulleys, see-saw, gear train etc. fitted in natural settings. A pre-historic corner adds more substance to the park. A variety of prehistoric animals including dinosaurs are exhibited with a detailed note of their period of existence, food habits, and other living conditions.

New Attractions added

Three exciting new attractions are added to the Children Science Park inaugurated by Dr. A. P. Jayaraman, Former Nuclear Scientist, BARC, Mumbai & Chairperson, National Centre for Science Communications.
1. Giant Lever
2. Perspective House
3. Praying Mantis

Let’s come together to spark the curiosity and imagination of our young learners. See you there !!!

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