National Science Seminar

Regional Science Seminar, Mumbai - 2023

National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) organizes the annual ‘Students Science Seminar’  every year. School students studying in class VIII to X can participate in this competitive event. The objective of the Science Seminar is to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry and analytical thinking in the minds of young students.

The Science Seminar is organized in collaboration with Education Departments and Department of Science & Technology of various states and UT on a competitive basis in each State and Union Territory of the Country. The Science Seminar is deliberated generally at School, Block, District and State level.

Winners from each School participate at Block level. Winners of Block level participate at District level Competition. Two winners from each District participate in State/UT level contest and only one winner from each State/Union Territory is eligible for National level competition. 

Glimpses of National Science Seminar - 2022

National Science Seminar 2022

With a belief that Never say No, Kairavi M. Chauhan made Maharshtra proud, as she was declared the Runner Up at the National Science Seminar 2022 held at Science City, Kolkata .

Hear her speech about this memorable journey :

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